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Ok, update, guys. The shop changed if you haven't played since it was the old way, you can't buy character packs anymore.Characters are bought individually. The shop is reset every 12 hours. their can then play as the animal when bought. They can be purchased from the shop with in-game currency. These packs are separated into 4 groups; Parvus, Fera, Robus, and Amica.

These packs are no longer available to buy, animals are now sold individually. The same characters are present, but you have to buy them individually.

Amica Shop.png

Amica Starter

Amica Advanced

Amica Master

140$. 270$ 510$

Fera Shop.png

Fera Starter

Fera Advanced

Fera Master

200$ 380$ 720$

Parvus Shop.png

Parvus Starter

Parvus Advanced

Parvus Master

120$ 230$ 430$

Robus Shop.png

Robus Starter

Robus Advanced

Robus Master

100$ 190$ 360$

If you are looking for what animals you can earn from each animal pack,[]

I'd recommend visiting one of the four familia: Fera, Robus, Amica, or Parvus, to find what you are looking for.

The Morph Menu In-Game can also show you what animals you can get in each of the packs.

What you can get from the Animal packs does not completely depend on whether it is a starter, advanced, or mastered. All animals in a pack have a Rarity and will affect the chance of attaining it based on the probabilities of the pack bought.