Basic info Edit

The Earthworm is an animal in Farm World. It is found in the Parvus family, with a Super Rare rarity. It is one of the smallest animals in the entire game. It costs $2070.

Bio Edit

On the infobox, the Worm's bio reads:

"When it rains, earthworms come up the ground because they can't breathe when there's too much water in the soil."

Appearance Edit

The earthworm's character model is that of a typical worm. It's very thin, with multiple segments to it. The color of the entire worm is a dull pink, which can be changed to slightly different tints and shades of pink to match the user's liking.

Emotes/Actions Edit

Crawl/Crawl Fast Edit

This is the typical walk/run cycle for most standard characters, except renamed. These speeds, however, are very slow since earthworms aren't very agile.

Wriggle Edit

The worm thrashes and squirms around in a rapid, crazy manner.

Curl up Edit

The worm curls it's body into the shape of a spiral/rope coil.

Trivia Edit

The Earthworm is one of the only 2 non-mammalian characters, the other being the Red-Eared Slider. It is also the only invertibrate in the entire game (As of the time of this page's creation, August 2019).

The Earthworm has by far the least amount of customization able to be done with it, since it only has a single option that can be changed (Colo

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