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'''Special: '''[[Canada Lynx]], [[Big Brown Bat,]]  
'''Special: '''[[Canada Lynx]], [[Big Brown Bat,]]  
'''Gamepass:''' [[Kitsune]], Christmas 2018, and yeeting  
'''Gamepass:''' [[Kitsune]] (Christmas 2018)  

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Basic Info Edit

Fera Familia is one of the four species groups you can play as. The other three species groups include Amica Familia, Parvus Familia, and Robus Familia.

Included Animals Edit

The Fera Familia typically includes animals you would find in a wild habitat. These animals include but are not limited to:

Common: Northern Racoon, Central European boar, Black-footed ferret, Least weasel, House mouse, Norway Rat, Red squirrel, Eastern chipmunk  

Rare: Grey wolf, American crow,  

Super Rare: Red fox, Red-tailed hawk, North American Cougar  

Ultra Rare: Kodiak bear,  

Special: Canada Lynx, Big Brown Bat,  

Gamepass: Kitsune (Christmas 2018)  

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