Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Fera Familia is one of the four species groups you can play as. The other three species groups include Amica Familia, Parvus Familia, and Robus Familia.

Included Animals[edit | edit source]

The Fera Familia typically includes animals you would find in a wild habitat. These animals include but are not limited to:

Common: Northern Racoon, Central European boar, Black-footed ferret, Least weasel, House mouse, Norway Rat, Red squirrel, Eastern chipmunk  

Rare: Grey wolf, American crow,  

Super Rare: Red fox, Red-tailed hawk, North American Cougar  

Ultra Rare: Kodiak bear,  

Special: Canada Lynx, Big Brown Bat,  

Gamepass: Kitsune (Christmas 2018)  

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