Basic info Edit

The Gray Wolf is an animal in Farm World. It is found in the Fera family, with a Rare rarity.

Bio Edit

On the infobox, the adult version of this animal reads:

"Gray wolves are the largest wild members of the dog family."
On the infobox, the teen version of this animal reads:
"At six months, wolf pups become hunters."

Appearance Edit

The Wolf has 5 options regarding coloring. The Fur (Dark) is the top/main fur of the wolf, and is colored dark gray. The Fur (Medium) are the patches of fur in between the Dark and Light Fur, the top of it's muzzle, and part of it's tail. This is colored a normal gray. The Fur (Light) is a very light, almost white gray. The Inner Ears are black, and it's Eyes are a very light, off-white yellow/beige. These options can be changed to fit the user's liking.

Emotes/Actions Edit

Walk/Run Edit

The basic action which determines how fast your character travels.

Drink/Eat Edit

The Wolf bends it's head down to eat, with it's tail slightly wagging.

Lie down Edit

The wolf lay down with it's hind legs off to the side.

Sit Edit

A basic action. The wolf sits down in a normal manner.

Growl Edit

The wolf leans in forward and starts growling in an aggressive fashion. Note: This is a pose, such as sit and lay down, not an action

Howl Edit

The wolf raises it's head straight up to the sky, closes it's eyes, and howls.

Lose fur Edit

An action typically for hairy/furry animals. Particles briefly appear around the wolf for a split second, and 2 clumps of fur which match the texture/color of the top fur will appear. These chunks can be picked up and dropped or thrown. There will be a cooldown after using this emote, so people won't be able to spam it and cover the floor in fur.

Trivia Edit

The Wolf is a fairly common animal, since it is seen as "cool" by many people.

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