Basic Info Edit

The Jack-O-Lantern was available in the 2019 Halloween event. If you missed the event, you can buy it from around 250 Robux in the shop under Premium. It is one of the slowest 'animals' in the game, rivaled only by the Scarecrow. Its only emotes are Run/Walk and Get Candies - an action in which it spawns 3 edible candies.

Appearance Edit

The jack-o-lantern is on the smaller side, with a spherical orange body and a greenish-brownish stem. It has triangular black eyes and a jagged, toothy grin.

Trivia Edit

The jack-o-lantern is believed to have been sighted first in Ireland during the 19th century (Meghalayan era).

Jack-o-lanterns were believed to represent spirits or supernatural beings, or were used to ward off evil spirits.

They are celebrated and displayed on October 31st, a day which is known as 'Halloween'.

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