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No. you cannot get the kitsune for free. dont bother the farm world developers (or anyone) too give you it. just suck it up and pay for it like the rest of us. not everything in life is free.

e a gamepass mod/skin on farm world but have also been very popular on other games in Roblox this year. (2020)

First of all, lets discover some key info on the Kitsune (part of this from normal wiki)

Kitsune Japanese word for fox, In english it translates to 'spirit fox'. Stories depict legendary foxes as intelligent beings and as possessing paranoirmal abilities that increase as they get older and wiser. According to Yōkai folklore, all foxes have the ability to shapeshift into human form. While some folktales speak of the kitsune employing this ability to trick others – as foxes in folklore often do – other stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, husbands and wives.

A kitsune may take on human form, an ability learned when it reaches a certain age  (usually 100 years, although some tales say 50). As a common prerequisite for the transformation, the fox must place reeds, a leaf, or a skull over its head. Common forms assumed by kitsune include beautiful women, young girls, elderly men, and less often young boys. These shapes are not limited by the fox's own age or gender, and a kitsune can duplicate the appearance of a specific person. Kitsune are particularly renowned for impersonating beautiful women. Common belief in medieval Japan was that any woman encountered alone, especially at dusk or night, could be a kitsune. When in human form, the kitsune may retain other foxy traits, such as a coating of fine hair, a fox-shaped shadow, or a reflection that shows its true form.

Why do kitsune have nine tails?

Kitsune are usually depicted as having more than one tail. The most commonly depicted are one-tails, five-tails, and nine-tails. For most kitsune, the number of tails shown is usually one. This could be for a number of reasons, though, including the idea that a kitsune could be in a human or fox, possessing it, or may have been born in a mortal body. In either case, why would the kitsune suddenly sprout more tails?

Some of the legends say a kitsune gains a tail every hundred years. Another myth says that a kitsune gains all nine tails when they reach [[1]] years old. When a kitsune becomes a nine-tail, their fur becomes either silver, white, or gold and count as a divine.

To the kitsune, the number of tails they have are a show of prestige, skill, age, and rank. A kitsune may gain a tail for bringing honour to their family and/or clan, or could lose one for breaking kitsune law. A kitsune may also lose a tail, by dying, but this isn't always the case, considering Tamamo-no-mae was killed more than once, and was still a nine-tail.

Kitsune don't ask for extra tails. Instead, they are simply rewarded for their actions, or punished. Some kitsune train under others, hoping to gain wisdom and favour with their teachers. Some kitsune even take quests or go on journeys, to gain wisdom or power, hoping to find ways to gain in prestige and rank among the other kitsune, or with The Lady or Inari.

Emotes with the Farm World kitsune: (as asked in the comments)


  • Run/Walk
  • Drink/Eat
  • Sit
  • Sleep
  • Dead/Sleep
  • Bark
  • Whine
  • Rage
  • Fireball
  • Spirit

The gamepass consists of 5 kits: single tailed, three tailed, five tailed, seven tailed and nine tailed.

  • The gamepass also comes with a special fox spirit trail and blue fire aura.
  • Like any other animal on Farm World you can level your kit up to get new textures, sizes and infinite colours (this will cost $3000 so $100 per upgrade, you will need 30 upgrades to become max)

The kitsune gamepass costs 1200 robux

pls remember you all are amazing as you are and don’t be discouraged or jealous of these gamepass packs, and if you have one, my only advice is don’t be a jerk, treat everyone as equals :)

(And pls don’t say that this post is yours because it’s not - It’s shared. I’m saying this because one person claimed this wiki that wasn’t their own when others have worked really hard on it too. Pls consider giving credit to everyone if u do decide to put your name up here.)