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The brown Kodiak bear with a human riding it.

Basic Information []

Description: Kodiak bears are one of the two largest bears in the world, the other being the polar bear.

Cost: $8,100


The Kodiak Bear has a ragged coat that displays multiple different shades of brown. This bear has brown eyes. These can later be customized.

Kodiak Bears do not come often.


Standing Still/Doing Nothing/Default: Bear looks around, & sniffs ground.

Sleep: Bear lays on its side with its front paws crossed and its hind paws crossed, its eyes closed.

Eat: Bear chews at ground, eventually looking up and around warily, then it resumes eating.

Sit: Bear sits almost like a dog. Its front legs seem to be more to the right than its hind legs.

Stand Up: Bear stands on its hind legs, with its front paws hanging limp.

Roar: Bear opens its mouth, exposing fearsome teeth, and unleashes a terrifying roar. Its ears are pinned back momentarily, and it squints briefly.

Attack: Bear does the roar emote, then swipes with one paw.