Basic Info Edit

The least is a common animal and part of the Fera family. It is very small, with a tall neck and long body, and black eyes that cannot be customized. It costs around $260 and can be found year-round in the shop.

Bio Edit

The adult info box reads: 'Despite its size, Least Weasels can hunt down a rabbit many times their size.

The baby info box reads: 'Baby weasels are deaf and blind and do not have fur when they are born.

Emotes Edit

Run/Walk Edit

A basic toggle to adjust speed

Drink/Eat Edit

The head dips down and the mouth moves

Lie Down Edit

The weasel lies down, and its head stays in the air.

Sleep Edit

The weasel curls up and its eyes close

Stand Up Edit

It stands up on its hind legs

Lose Fur Edit

Two pieces of fur nearly the size of the least drop off

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