The Mackerel Tabby is a starter animal for Farm World. It is found in the Amica animal family, with a common rarity. It can be bought pricing for $100 - $300

Bio Edit

On the infobox, the adult version of this animal reads:

"Mackerel is the most common tabby pattern."
On the infobox, the baby version of this animal reads:
"A tabby is any domestic cat that has a coat featuring distinctive stripes, dots, lines or swirling patterns, usually together with a mark resembling an 'M' on it's forehead."

Appearance Edit


The basic tabby colours are a light brown base with darker lines across its' body. It has a cream underbelly and white/light cyan eyes.

The appearance and color can be changed to match the user's liking.

Emotes Edit

Walk/Run Edit

This ability is the common run/walk action performed by all morphs.

Lie Down Edit

Lie Down

Lying down is another common action, where the cat's body lays close to the ground.


Drink/Eat Edit

Another common action. The cat bends it's head down, tilts its' body forwards and beds its' front legs slightly. The cat will then bob it's head up and down and open and close its' mouth. It looks like the cat is eating something.


Sit Edit

A common emote. The cat will sit and curl its' tail as shown in the image.

Lick Paw Edit

Lick Paw

The cat will lift it's right paw and lick its' paw continuosly. Occasionally, the cat will tilt it's paw sideways and then return to it's origional tilt.

Meow Edit

The cat will make a meowing sound.

Lose Fur Edit

Lose Fur

An emote typically for animals with long fur. The cat will drop two pieces of fur directly inder itself and particles will briefly appear around the cat. The fur can then be picked up and thrown or dropped. The fur will be the same colour as the base colour of the cat at the time the emote was used. After one use, there will be a cooldown untill the player can use the emote again.

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