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  • Players will receive $100 upon joining the game for the first time.
  • On daily basis, you can get up to $800 or more on the time you stay in-game. You have to collect it manually in the rewards and stats tab.
  • A bag of 15$ appears every five minutes in the "Time Reward" section of the rewards and stats tab.

Other Ways to Obtain Money[]

  • You can also buy money for Robux for 20$/R$ per package, all of which is located in the shop's "Premium" tab; 400$ for 20R$, 1,200$ for 60R$. 4,000$ for 200R$ and 10,000$ for 500R$.


Main Article : Shop

  • Cash is now used to buy animals, trails and auras from the shop (see shop page for more info). there comes more items