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  • The player will get 100$ when joining for the first time.
  • On daily reward, you can get up to 280$ on the time you stay in-game. You have to collect it manually in the rewards and stats tab.
Time (hour:minute) 0:15 0:30 0:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00
Cash ? ? ? ? ?
Total Cash

Other ways of obtaining money - Quicker ways.

  • It is also obtained from playing a moment for 15$. You have to click the bag in the rewards tab.
  • You can also buy money for Robux for 20$/R$ per package of 400(20), 1200(600(200) and 10000(500)


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  • The cash is used to buy character packs.
  • With some cash you can upgrade animals rank.
  • You can buy aura and trails packs.
  • It seems you can use the money for the three options above, which is great... once you actually have money. It can take quite a while to obtain.
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