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The North American Cougar is an animal in Farm World. It is found in the Fera family, with a Super Rare rarity. The Cougar was recently added into the game in Version 5.0. It costs $2700.

Bio Edit

On the infobox, the Cougar's bio reads:

"Cougars are also known as mountain lions, pumas, panthers."

Appearance Edit

The North American Cougar's character model is a large, sleek, muscular feline with a very light, unsaturated brown base, an off-white underbelly and claws, and dark brown facial markings. It's eye pupils and paw pads are black, it's eyes a dull green, and the nose is a dark, dull pink. These options can be changed to fit the user's liking.


The Cougar's in-game model

Emotes/Actions Edit

Walk/Run Edit

The basic action which determines how fast your character travels.

Drink/Eat Edit

The Cougar bends down to the ground and moves it's mouth as if it's eating something while it's legs are slightly bent. There are also sound effects for this

Lie down Edit

A basic action. The Cougar lies down in a side lay, with it's hind legs off to the cougar's left.

Sit Edit

Another basic action. The Cougar sits down like a typical cat, with it's tail curled.

Sleep Edit

The Cougar lies down on it's side and closes it's eyes to sleep. It can also be used as a "dead" pose.

Poised to pounce Edit

The Cougar lowers down and crouches, as if it's going to leap/pounce on something.

Scream Edit

The Cougar lets out a screaming/roaring sound, akin to an actual cougar.

Hiss Edit

The Cougar's ears go back and it makes a hissing sound.

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