The Red Tailed Hawk is a Fera class animal in Farms world. It is the first bird of prey added into as well as the second flying animal in the game (after the Pekin duck) The Red-tailed hawk is Of the super Rare class even though they are quite common to obtain from Fera Advanced packs.

Price: The Red Tailed Hawk is $2700 from the shop and the wandering trader.


Walk/Run: the Hawk will walk at a slow pace or Gallop at a medium pace

Sleep: the Hawk will stand up and place its head downward facing, closing it’s eyes.

Drink/Eat: the Hawk will slowly bend down to eat or drink, then getting back up again.

Lie down: the Hawk will lay down with it’s talons barely visible

Dead: the Hawk will lay on its back with it’s eyes closed and its wings spread out (similar to the crow)

Screech: the Hawk will emit a high pitched scream

Gust: the Hawk will Flap it’s wings then land

Fly: The Hawk will take to the air and will be able to fly around the map, Gliding then flapping its wings

Lay egg: The Hawk will simply lay an Egg of white, pink or Cream colored

Nest: the Hawk will form a Brown or Dark brown nest around itself

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