Rewards & stats Edit

Time rewards

The Rewards and Stats menu screen.

When a player clicks on the rewards & stats button after clicking the menu screen, they will be taken to a page with three vertical rectangles infront of a blurry background of an in-game landscape.

This menu is where the player can collect in-game currency they earned from their time played.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a blue home button to exit the menu. It also shows how much money the player currently has.

Character Edit

The left-most box is labelled in white text 'Collection'. Below, it shows three columns; obtained, maxed, and obtainable. Each rarity has been separated into rows.

Obtained shows the player how many characters they have collected.

Maxed shows the player how many characters they have leveled up to the maximum level limit.

Obtainable shows the player how many characters they have left to obtain.

Daily reward Edit

The center box is where you can find your daily rewards. It's a table containing two columns; Login time, and Reward. When the player has reached the timestamp shown in the table, a white button will appear under the table with text saying 'Claim all'. Upon clicking this box the player will recieve the same amount of money as shown on the table for each timestamp they have completed, and a red checkmark will appear on the table.

Time (hour:minute) 0:15 0:30 0:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00
Cash 20$ 20$ 25$ 40$ 30$ 30$ 35$ 50$
Total Cash 20$ 40$ 65$ 105$ 135$ 165$ 200$ 250$
Claim all

In the top right corner of this box, there is a timer showing how many hours and minutes there are untill 2:00am.

Time reward Edit

Bag o bling

The right-most box is mostly empty. Occasionally, a small numbered money bag will appear, and when clicked, will give the player some money and play a sound. it appears after 5 minutes

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