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The Thoroughbred Horse is a starter in Farm World. It is found in the Robus animal family, with a common rarity.

Card Info[]

On the infobox, the Thoroughbred bio reads: "Thoroughbreds are used mainly for racing, but are also bred for other riding disciplines."

On the infobox of the baby version of this animal it reads: "Ideally, a foal should be up and nurse within two hours of birth."

Appearance == The Thoroughbred horse has a brown coat with no patterns. It has a black mane and tail.

The appearance and color can be changed to match the user's liking.

Emotes / Actions[]


This ability is the common run/walk action performed by all morphs. However, horses have two extra speeds. In equestrian terminology, the speeds of the horse are not called speeds, but rather gaits. The walk is the slowest gait of the horse. It is a four-beat gait. The trot is a gait that is faster than the walk but slower than the canter. The canter is the second-fastest gait. The gallop is the fastest gait a horse can perform.

Lie Down

Laying down is another common action. The horse folds its front legs underneath it, while the hind legs go out to the side.


Another common action. The horse bends the head down, and nibbles at the ground, giving it appearance of eating hay, an apple, or whatever food is available.

Sleep 1

For this action, the horse lowers its head and closes its eyes.  

Sleep 2

For this action, the horse lays down on the ground with its head tucked near its front legs and its eyes closed.


The 'sad' action is not an actual action, but instead an idle movement, In this movement, the horse lowers it's head.


The buck of a horse is when a horse kicks something from behind. 


When selecting the 'rear' option, the horse stands up, on it's rear. It raises itself upright, balancing on it's hind legs. The horse's front legs make digging motions at the air.


You push the ground with your right front hoof, mimicking a digging action. 

==Emotes (sound)==

===N'''eigh + Lip flutter'''===

The neigh causes the horse to make a whinny noise. It bends it's head forward.

In the lip flutter, the horse makes an exasperated sigh, and mimics a lip flutter motion.