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The Wandering trader will only appear for the first 10 minutes of every hour (6:00-6:10,7:00-7:10, etc.). In the shop, he will offer you only 3 choices of characters or cosmetics. However, the items in the Wandering trader's shop are usually much more valuable than those in the normal shop. Absolutely no common items will spawn, there will only be characters/cosmetics which are rare or above. It also has a much higher chance of spawning a super rare or ultra rare animal/cosmetic.

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The Wandering trader is a brown-haired, bearded man, wearing green clothes and a hat, along with grey boots. He bears a resemblance to Robin Hood. Whenever the Wandering trader disappears, he will be surrounded by a green aura, and then disappear.

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The shop owned by the Wandering trader is located in the town, and it bears a resemblance to the other marketplaces alongside it. There is a wooden, U-shaped table which contains a wooden chair behind it. There is also a dark green and white-colored fabric sheet which serves as a roof. The sign will state "Open" in green text (See below) whenever the shop is open, and "Closed" in red text whenever it is closed.

Comparison Edit

Shop: Edit

Pros Cons
Higher number of choices Changes selection less often
Always available Not as many rare animals
Good for generally getting items

Wandering trader: Edit

Pros Cons
Higher rarities Appears for a short amount of time
Changes selection more often Less items to choose from
Good for specific rare items
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