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The Welsh pony is an animal in Farm World. It's found in the Robus family, with a special rarity. This animal can only

be obtained by joining Virtuality World, the Roblox group which developed Farm World.

Bio Edit

On the infobox, the adult version of this character reads:

"Due to their short, muscular body, Welsh Ponies are great with endurance."
On the infobox, the baby version of this character reads:
"Ponies tend to live longer than larger horses."

Appearance Edit

The adult pony appears to be a pony of short stature. The baby version is similar, but with a much shorter mane and tail.

The Welsh Pony's base color scheme is a light brown body/base, with the individual lower legs also being light brown. It's mane and tail is off-white, the nose stripe and snout is white, and the hooves are black. These options can be changed to fit the way the user wants.

Emotes/Actions Edit

Walk/Trot/Canter/Gallop Edit

This is the basic action which determines how fast your character travels. For equine, or horse characters, there are 2 new speeds, trot and canter. Trot is a faster-paced walk, and canter is slightly slower than run/gallop.

Eat/Drink Edit

The Pony lowers it's head to the ground while standing up as if it's eating. Sound effects are also present.

Lie down Edit

A common action. The Pony lies down on the ground, with it's front legs folded and hind legs on the side.

Sleep Edit

The Pony lowers it's head slightly and closes it's eyes to sleep.

Neigh Edit

The Pony moves it's head slightly forward and makes a whinny sound.

Lip flutter Edit

The Pony sighs while doing a flapping motion with it's lips.

Rear Edit

The Pony stands up on it's hind legs and makes a digging motion in the air with it's hooves.

Buck Edit

The Pony uses it's hind legs to kick something behind it.

Trivia Edit

The Welsh Pony is the only character with a special rarity that can be obtained without spending robux or participating in an event (Joining the Virtuality World group).

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