Basic info Edit

The Zorse is a gamepass-exclusive animal in Farm World. It can only be obtained by purchasing the Zebroid package gamepass for 300 robux.

Bio Edit

On the infobox, the adult version of this character reads:

"A Zorse is a cross between a Zebra and a Horse."
On the infobox, the baby version of this character reads:
"When a Zorse foal is born with white fur, the stripes are not visible. The stripes are only present in darker colored furs."

Appearance Edit

The Zorse appears to be a horse of normal build, with zebra-like stripes on it's body and a very short mane. The baby version is the exact same, but shrunken down

The base color scheme of the Zorse is a brown base/body, with the rest of the options being black (Except the secondary mane, which is dark brown). These options can be changed.

Emotes/Actions Edit

Walk/Trot/Canter/Gallop Edit

This is the basic action which determines how fast your character travels. For equine(horse) characters, there are 2 new speeds, trot and canter. Trot is a faster-paced walk, and canter is slightly slower than run/gallop.

Drink/Eat Edit

The Zorse lowers it's head to the ground while standing up as if it's eating something. There are also sound effects for this.

Lie Down Edit

The Zorse rests itself on the ground with it's front legs folded and hind legs behind it.

Sleep Edit

The Zorse lowers it's head to ground while standing up, but closes it's eyes and makes no noise.

Sad Edit

The Zorse lowers it's head slightly and appears to be sad or worried

Neigh Edit

The Zorse moves it's head forward and makes a whinny sound

Lip Flutter Edit

The Zorse lets out an exasperated sigh while making a fluttering motion with it's lips

Rear Edit

The Zorse gets up on it's hind legs and makes a digging motion in the air with it's front legs

Hoof Edit

The Zorse uses it's left front leg to make a digging/scraping motion on the ground as if it's about to charge

Buck Edit

The Zorse uses it's hind legs to kick behind it

Grow Apple Edit

This is a special action which only Zebroid characters can do. The Zorse spawns a small green ball, or seed, which will grow into a small tree with 3 apples that are either green or red in color. These apples will then fall one by one off


the tree and will be able to be picked up and dropped, thrown, or eaten.

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